Spending the Winter Holiday in Montana

Sunset across the snow

When I come back to Montana for the holidays, I am reminded of how damn hardy Montanans are. This place is COLD. And, right now, it is covered in deep, gorgeous snow that smooths out the landscape and gives everything a magical quality that (almost) makes me forgive it for the way the cold pierces down through my jeans (single layer, rookie mistake) to my bones.

Icy River Landscape

This winter, my hubby and I came out to Montana after Christmas to spend the rest of the holiday with his family.  And then, because my husband is a student and I write grants from home and don’t have to be back in Austin anytime soon, we planned an extra long stay here, up through January 10.

What are we doing with this time?

Road in the Snow

Driving across Montana so John can interview local companies for potential jobs this summer.

Since I’m still working–no break for me!–this has involved squirreling away for small chunks of work time at coffee shops in downtown Bozeman and Missoula, both cities that I haven’t visited seriously since childhood.

I’ve also been reading my first book of 2018–Caravans, by James A. Michener. It’s the first Michener book I’ve read, and so far I’m on the fence. When I’m done, I’ll give you my thoughts in What I’m Reading.

And, of course, what would a holiday break be without some serious planning and scheming for 2018?! I’ve got huge plans for this year, and I’m excited that you’ll be along for the journey!

Rays of sun over snowscape

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