Embracing My Obsessive Nature When Starting New Projects

Green "Systems and Ideas" Notebook

Right now my blog–and everything about my website–is taking over my mind. I’m thinking about it constantly and regularly grabbing my green “Systems and Ideas” notebook to jot down the things I’m coming up with. I already have a list of super exciting, awesome ways to make this website filled with more engaging content for readers and more learning opportunities for me.

Just this morning, I came up with:

  • three on-going What I’m Writing topics that will span months each; a “book study” idea and a list of the books I want to study
  • a strategy for how to keep all my What I’m Reading posts organized so that readers can peruse all my books at once or search for a specific book that they’re also interested in reading
  • a landing page structure so that readers can more easily navigate the site and use it practically for their own development as a writer (my ultimate goal)

Ideas in my Notebook

I’m obsessed.

Which is fine, because I’ve dedicated January to this project. I have completely surrendered January to ensuring that I set up my website as best I can. Because when February comes around, I’m moving 100% into novel-revision mode and shifting all my mental space to obsessing about my novel.

My husband, whose brain (thankfully) doesn’t work like mine, gently reminded me yesterday to not allow this website to eat into my fiction writing, the actual thing I want to do. And he has a great point.

But this manic obsessing wont last forever. Never does.

So I need to capitalize on it.

Because what I’ve come to realize is that I need to embrace–rather than fight–the way my brain works in order to get creative endeavors done.

My Brain Loves Excitement, Gets Bored with the Details

Aren’t most people like this too? We looooooove the thrill of something new, but don’t want to actually do the work to get the thing done.

I am crazy about new projects. I love the rush of starting something new. I enjoy the challenge of figuring out the best possible way to structure/organize/execute a project. I think about it until I have this huge vision of what it will look like in full glory.

And then, when the project isn’t new anymore, I drop that thing like a frozen turd I thought was a rock and move on to my next idea.

Unless I set up a system or routine to keep the project in my life on a regular basis, to live it out until it is finished, becomes a long-standing habit, or it no longer works for me.

So I’ve learned that, with all new projects, I need two things:

  1. The Obsession –

    I need the space to fixate on a project until I’ve thought of everything. Flush with excitement and adrenaline, I’ll go and go and go until I have a million lists of cool things I want this project to do.

  2. The System –

    If I don’t create a system for after the obsession fades, it’ll never get done. So a system is critical to actually finishing the damn thing.

Embracing what I know about myself, I am going full-force on this blog. And before January is done, I will not only have an elaborate, exciting vision for what I want this website to be in the future, but also a flushed-out system to keep me on track, including days of the week I will write blogs, a timeline of content I’ll write about, a structure for my book reflections, etc.

Only then will this awesome website I’ve started actually take hold and flourish. So stay tuned for my system!

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